You’re not sick you’re just gutless…

You’re not sick you’re just gutless…

Got your attention didn’t I. OK so you aren’t gutless but your gut is likely unhealthy.

Do you want to know how I know? Take a look at these common indicators and see which ones apply to you.

  • How’s your mood? Do you find you are depressed? perhaps snappy or irritable for no reason?
  • What about gas or bloating?
  • Diarrhea.
  • Autoimmune disease, this one has people suffering for no reason when the fix can be fairly easily and not with a prescription that could be causing more harm than good.
  • Skin problems like rashes, eczema, rosacea
  • Poor memory, brain fog, issues with concentrating, ADD or ADHD
  • Infections, this one is especially big with women.
  • Anxiety.
  • Food allergies or sensitivities
  • Asthma (yes even asthma!)

In holistic and functional medicine we believe that every system in the body is connected.  At the centre of our bodies is our gut, so a functioning digestive system is key to good health. Did you know that 70%-80% of your immune system is in your gut? Thats a pretty big number. Gut imbalances have been linked to a whole bunch of health issues- want me to name a few? Autoimmune disease (this is a big one), hormonal issues, chronic fatigue, fibro, anxiety, depression (another biggy), skin disorders like eczema… this is just scratching the surface of the list. So now do you see how the list above comes into play?

First off you should be cutting out sugar, it’s just bad. You can add it back in small doses here and there once you have healed you gut but for now lets just keep it simple.

Remove anything inflammatory  Click here for my list of foods to eliminate and avoid (elimination diet)

Once you find and remove the issue(s) you want to replace as much of the good as you can. Good bacteria multiplies at a slower rate than the harmful bacteria so you really want to get the good stuff going and eating foods that promote healthy gut flora are essential.

If you are on ant acid meds your absorption rate will likely be affected, this also applies to certain diseases and poor diet. When we lack the digestive enzymes to break our food down properly it leads to a slew of problems – Chew people, Chew! When you are under stress it attacks your digestion which leads to a multitude of health issues. This is just one example of how lifestyle and not just diet can affect us.

So now lets look at pre and probiotics, knowing the difference and getting them into your body is important. Prebiotics feed the probiotics so you need to have a balance of both. Taking a good probiotic supplement is ideal and should be part of your daily regime even when you feel you are back on track.

Now that we have all that covered what can we eat, Eating and drinking foods that are fermented (kimchi, sauerkraut,kombucha) will help aid in the growth of healthy gut flora. Try to eat foods rich in L-glutamine (this is an amino acid that helps to rejuvenate the gut wall lining)  Other awesome nutrients to add to your diet (by way of food not supplement) are zinc, omega – 3, vitamin A,C,E.  I also love to add Aloe to my daily regime. I have a plant that I chop off a leaf here and there.

Checkout my article on how to eat aloe and all the reasons why.

Unfortunately chronic inflammation is in all of us due to our daily routine and what we consume. We do so much damage even when we think we are doing good, it’s often difficult and confusing to navigate the truth from the trend when it comes to health. Want help? email me:

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