What The Heck Is Souping?

What The Heck Is Souping?

Throw out the juice, its soup cleanse time! Yup, just like juicing is a favourite in summer, souping is becoming the trend in the colder winter months.

For those of you who know me you know I love a good juice cleanse. But let’s be honest, during the cold winter months, a juice cleanse is the last thing I would call appealing. 

I love to warm up with comforting and grounding foods. A good soup, some turmeric tea, bone broth!

Not only are soups full of dense nutrients, they are also full of fiber, and protein (if you want them to be). It’s great way to support the whole body on a daily basis and you can even turn souping into a soup cleanse. 

While a juice cleanse is healthy you are missing out on the macronutrients you get when you consume the whole food. Such as the fiber and the fat, this can make it harder on the body to absorb some of the vitamins and nutrients your body requires. 

The fiber is used to bind to the toxins and gently get rid of them, cleaning out your intestinal tract is a good way to maintain colon health and prevent certain cancers.

When you look at some vegetables, they need to be heated or “cooked” to release some of the nutrients. Think tomatoes, they need heat to release the full potency of the lycopene they contain. 

In the winter we naturally crave foods that have a warming affect, it’s more nourishing and soothing to the body. If you look at the ancient traditions like Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine they both tout the benefits of this style of eating especially in the winter. Why would you want to eat cooling foods when its cold outside?

Having a warm cup of chicken noodle soup has this comforting affect, there s a reason for that. For those who are vegetarian you can substitute this for just about any other warm soup. I personally like a nice Miso soup.

It is said that eating this way helps to stoke the digestive fire, eating cooling foods will have the opposite effect,It can dampen and put out the fire. So there you have it!


Here’re some of my favourite recipes for winter…

Turmeric milk (this isn’t a soup but it’s worthy of a mention)


Creamy Sweet Potato and Carrot Soup


Sweet potato and quinoa soup

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