What Is Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

What Is Auto-Brewery Syndrome?

There is no part of the body that is not related to the microbiome. We are in a symbiotic relationship with the microbiome, or if you want,  look at it as we are 90% microbial and 10% human cells, realistically we are beholding to the microbiome. 

When we use the word microbiome, we are referring to our mouth, our nose, our skin, the female genitalia, the gut, all areas are the microbiome. But for today let's discuss the gut

For auto-brewery syndrome we are referring to the microbiome in the gut. There is a micro biome a disruption of the bacteria, there is very little good bacteria but a lot of the bad bacteria. You are looking at 200-400 higher than normal amounts of yeast and not enough good bacteria, you are likely also eating a high carb diet. The yeast ferments,in the GI tract, the same as it would when making beer or wine. So much so that some people suffering from this syndrome have been people are blowing over on a breathalyzer, if normal is zero and .8 is the limit, these people are blowing on a breathalyzer test from 300, 400, even 800 percent higher without having any alcohol in their system at all. 

If you are having the SAD (Standard American Diet) diet, you are feeling tired at 2 pm, you are having a high a carb diet and may be having some form of this auto-brewery syndrome. It does happen in varying degrees. Diet plays a huge rule in the development of yeast overgrowth.

So is diet alone to blame? No. Dehydration is a big cause, sleep deprivation as well  so is stress, high dose antibiotics (even 3-5 dose of it) high carbohydrate, low fiber is also big. Not having bowel movements every day is an issue with this.

Many will have the same symptoms as you see for dysbiosis, there is a genetic component of course but nutrition is key. 

You see the same symptoms as with leaky gut as well so how do we tell the difference to what it is that is happening in our bodies?

Jaqueline Rousse


This woman is no joke! She knows her stuff. My husband is happy because I'm not a raging hormonal mess anymore, I'm just happy to not be bloated ;)


She found my issue within 2 weeks, I felt better within that month and have been fantastic ever since. Her 90 day program was perfect.

Go back to the basics, start with a good medical history. When was the last time you were in optimal health? What is the history here?  

Hydration, sleep, nutrition and stress are also  key. The last thyroid results need to be looked at as do your adrenal levels.

Madeline K

Interior Designer

I suffered with candida overgrowth for years, until I met Holly and she explained that a detox would help. So reluctantly I listened and it worked! We did a heavy metal detox (yeast holds heavy metals like mercury) and once that was cleared up we were able to successfully treat the candida issue. My rashes are gone, so are my digestive issues. I can even have cake on special occasions!

My kids are happy because my fibro is gone and I can actually play with them again. I love this woman for helping me get my life back. 

All the symptoms that we think of someone when they are be drunk, stumbling, can't see straight, , off balance, dizzy or light headed, slurring speech, hangover symptoms and on top of it the symptoms of yeast overgrowth. Like  repeated jock itch, dandruff, anal itching, recurring yeast infections in women, repeated athletes foot, skin issues like fungus etc, recurring sinus infections, oral thrush repeatedly. These are all signs of auto-brewery syndrome.

Mould in the house can be a big culprit, check into that. It is very hard to heal from that. 

Lets talk detox questions. Liver, kidney and gallbladder are all able to detox naturally. If they are not able to detox you will have a higher rate of yeast issues or auto-brewery issues. This is something else to look into.

Candida and yeast issues were kind of the pet peeve of allopathic medicine back 10 years ago but is being seen more and more now. The average internal medicine doctor is going to be more able to see and deal with this today,with the supportive literature, but there is still gap and when they do want to give antifungals they do not know how to give it. You will want to see a specialist for the more extreme cases.

So how do I go about treating this?

Inter cellular hydration is the first step. Ask yourself the question... when you drink water do you feel it stays in your body or do you urinate right away. That can tell you if there is an issue. For some the introduction of specific electrolytes is necessary. 

Wake up rested. Get great quality of sleep or  your body will not heal.

I then tend to go into either nutrition aspect or the stress aspect.

If you are stressed out then work on the root cause of the stress, after you can go to nutrition   something paleo like but without things that break down to sugar. No mushrooms, no yeast, no rice or fruit and even most coffee has to go due to the mould or yeast. A paleo like plan. 

Other than veggies you should try taking everything out of the diet that turns into sugar.

Fermented foods in this case are not valuable when you have a dysbiosis going on or a yeast overgrowth, Kill off the yeast first then you can add in fermented food. It’s all about the timing. 

Stay away from roasted nuts, studies show that many roasted nuts have mould or yeast or fungus.  Just use raw nuts as it’s better.

Before going into a hardcore treatment I warn of a die off that may occur, in order to help with that many people utilize. 

To help deal with the symptoms of die off you may want to look into activated charcoal, grape seed extract, etc.

Do I need to mention no alcohol? I hope this is a given...

You may want to detox first before trying to kill off the yeast. Sometimes yeast is protective, if you have mercury in your body so you may have to get rid of the mercury in your body before addressing the yeast.  I have seen and heard many physicians start to mention  that mercury can hold 3 to 4 times its weight in mercury as a protective action. So doing a heavy metal detox may need to be done first.

If you are on a proton pump inhibitor this will disrupt the microbiome. Try to get them off the pump. This is a protocol that your physician will need to look into with you.

Sugar Detox Program

Try my sugar cleanse, it's a great start to seeing if you will feel better. Not enough? feel free to schedule a consult. I know most of us could use a good old sugar detox.


Silver Package

Schedule a consult to see if this is happening to you. Let's get your gut back on track. If you need a referral I work with many physicians across Ottawa who understand functional medicine. Schedule your consult today!


Empower yourself to not go this route again. Teach yourself the triggers and preventative actions. Not sure how to do this alone? That's what I am here for, schedule a consult today.


Seeing your dr every 3 months is not fun. The root of Doctor in latin is docere which means to teach, your Dr is there to teach you how to stay healthy, become healthy and get your life back. How to not need supplementation or medication for the rest of you life.

For some the herbal route is fine, for others they need to go the pharmaceutical route. 

Do a whole gut health overhaul. You can also give antifungals or herbals like phase 1 phase 2 from nutritional frontiers. 

From a pharmaceutical side you can use nystatin or diflucan. There are issues with using the diflucan (liver inflammation) in the long term high dose so that is a last resort (this is with the 30 day treatment of it, which very few specialists use)

On top of that a good a probiotic

On top of that use hdl and digestive enzymes.

If this was the standard of care we could get possibly get rid of many ologists., rheumatologists gastroenterologists  psychologists etc. 

Work on intracellular hydration and sleep. These are two keys. 

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