Thyroid and Raw Foodies, PUT DOWN THAT JUICE!

Thyroid and Raw Foodies, PUT DOWN THAT JUICE!

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Those of you who have seen my lectures no that I'm a huge fan of seasonal juicing, and shakes. I love raw veggies and can’t get enough wheatgrass. That being said, I don't have issues with my thyroid. Many women are suffering from hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues, if you are one of them you want to read this.  PLEASE put down the kale, stop with all the shakes and juices,  go over why.

You decided to take up juicing because your neighbour says she has so much more energy since she has taken p this health trend, plus she has lost 10 lbs and feels great. So here you are you digging out that dusty juicer and heading out to the local market to grab some kale and watercress. Great, you are eating plant based, but if it's mostly raw and you are juicing a ton, not so great. You feel like shit, you are more exhausted than ever and you haven’t lost a pound! So what’s the problem? Thyroid issues.

As healthy as veggies are, eating them raw or juicing/ making shakes while suffering from thyroid issues is not going to do you an good. Many plants actually contain what are known as “anti-nutrients”, these can inhibit thyroid function. If you are suffering from hypothyroid you are likely trying to give your iodine stores a boost, but if you are juicing and eating broccoli, cable, cauliflower, radishes, kohlrabi,turnips,collard greens, kale, bok choy, brussels sprouts, watercress (especially good for heavy metal cleansing so I see this a lot) and other vegetables from the brassacaeae family you are seriously going to hinder that. You see they contain glucosinolates which can not only inhibit iodine uptake but also contribute to hypothyroidism and result in a goiter (nobody wants that).

I'm not saying to stay away from these but I am recommending you cook them. Cooking can deactivate most of those anti-nutrients. I'm also not saying you can never have a kale smoothie again, I am simply saying that you may want to minimize or give it a rest for a while until you are healed, yes you can be healed. There are so many ways to cook these veggies and a ton of palatable yet nutritious recipes that you won't go wanting and you won't be lacking either.

For the of you who have jumped onto the maca powder band wagon, as I know many women have, I want to warn you about this as well. Maca is awesome for it’s high iodine content, but if you have hashimotos this is not a good thing. Although it is great for those female hormones and definitely gives you a boost of energy, if you are suffering fro thyroid issues it could actually backfire. Remember I mentioned cruciferous vegetables? well maca is a member of the brassicaceae family which means unless you are cooking it (which if you are having it in powder you are not -it’s raw) then you are doing more harm than good. 


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I saw Holly at a conference in my area back in 2014, after 5 years of suffering I finally realized that what I had was hashimotos which no doctor had pointed out. It took my chance meeting of Holly to learn from her speech what I was actually suffering from. She managed to squeeze me in the next day before flying out (back to Ottawa where she is from) and to my amazement she showed me that I was doing it all wrong and what I would need to change to fix it. Fast forward 3 weeks and I felt better than I have since before my "misdiagnoses". What's even better is that I actually have hope of getting better and not being on the endless rollercoaster of drugs. I have continued to work with Holly via skype over the past 8 months, even after the program ended she has kept in touch and shares her knowledge with me. She even offered to work with my family doctor AND she found a specialist for me right in my area!



  1. So are you saying that it is juicing that is of no good to those with a hypothyroid condition? I have this condition and have been eating a lunch diet daily of raw veggies and Hummus plus a salad with protein. I eating the raw veggies and issue – and should these be cooked rather than raw? Want to be clear.

  2. It depends how serious your thyroid condition is, I recommend to take a break from juicing and raw veggies (yes even the ones dipped in hummus) just temporarily. Once you start to heal your thyroid and get back on track you can usually reintroduce raw food, in moderation, back into your diet. You may also want to try to remove dairy and gluten for a while. Gluten can trigger thyroid disease therefore removal has been shown to reverse hypothyroid in some women. Let me know if you want to have a consultation for more indepth info regarding this.

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