The Master Tonic

The Master Tonic

Also known as Fire Tonic or Fire cider this anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal and anti-parasitical remedy has been around for ages and rightfully so if you listen to old folklore. It’s the beginning of cold and flu season and that means having this tonic stocked and ready to go, it keeps forever and doesn’t have the side effects of Tamiflu…This tonic isn’t to be underestimated, with it’s fresh ingredients it has been said to cure most chronic conditions and many stubborn illnesses, when you hear of the flu bugs around seemingly worse every year this is something you may want to have on hand. Some have called this a modern day plague remedy, now I don’t know about that title but I do know it kicks butt when it comes to colds, flu’s and various other illnesses.

If you listen to the folklore you will want to prepare this and bottle it on the new moon then it will be ready on the full moon. This would be 14 days although I sometimes like to leave it for 4 weeks.

So how do you make this amazing tonic? Start with fresh organic ingredients.


1 part fresh chopped garlic

1 part fresh chopped white onion

1 part fresh grated ginger

1 part fresh grated horseradish root

1 part fresh chopped jalapeno, cayenne, habaneros or any other of the hottest peppers that are fresh, seasonally available and organic. (you will want to wear gloves for this part)

Raw (unpasteurized), unfiltered, apple cider vinegar – ACV (with mother) I prefer to use Braggs.


Remember to use only fresh organic ingredients for the potency. If you need to use dried herbs you can but preferably use the real fresh stuff. Trust me you will thank me for it later.


Now that you know what you need here is what to do:

Grab a mason jar and fill it 3/4 with all the above fresh chopped and grated ingredients, in equal parts by volume.

Once the ingredients are in the mason jar, fill the rest up with ACV, close the lid tightly and shake vigorously.





Place the jar in a spot that you will see it everyday, in a cupboard that is dark perhaps where you keep your glasses. Make sure to shake it at least once per day, more is better. I like to shake it everytime I pass by.

Once the tonic is ready you can filter the liquid with a coffee filter or other fine filter, save the brew- it lasts indefinitely. As for the leftover herbs and such you can save them and use them in soups, stews or stir fries. It will add some heat (a spicy kick). Store your tonic in a cool dark place.

So how much should you be taking? 1 or 2 ounces is sufficient, DO NOT dilute with water. Many sites will say that you can dilute it but I find it loses it’s potency and therefore it’s effectiveness.  Do this two or three times daily. for approx 5 days depending on the infection. More serious infections may require a lengthier dose.

Some people like to add a little honey, if you do make sure it is unpasteurized (raw), I personally take it straight. If you like you can keep a bana on hand, I hear this helps the taste a bit if you are new to the tonic, trust me it gets better in time.

If you want to give this tonic a little extra boost you may add fresh grated turmeric root or any of your favorite spices like rosemary, parsleyIMG_0789, star anise or any variation you choose.

SO what makes this so amazing? Here is a general list of therapeutic functions the main ingredients are known for.

Garlic– antifungal, antibacterial, antiviral and antiparasitical.

Onions- Similar properties to garlic.

Ginger root- increases circulation to the extremities, antibiotic, antiviral.

Horseradish- Is said to increase blood flow to the head, this makes it great for your sinuses, clears them right up!



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