Take that shake and shove it.

Take that shake and shove it.

Whats my take on protein powders? Leave’ em!

Yes that includes all the mlm versions of so called super powders with all the benefits they supposedly have, let me tell you right now, they don’t. The synthetic vitamins that have been added to make it seem they are healthy is just another marketing ploy, your body doesn’t know what to do with that garbage anymore than it does your synthetic multi vitamin (but thats a whole other article).

_MG_4189If you choose to have a shake instead of a candy bar then great! But perhaps all it takes is a little planning ahead in order to get what you need.

I’m approached almost daily by people who truly have the best of intentions, unfortunately the load of crap they are being fed by these companies is just that… a load of crap. I am just as guilty as I used to tout the health benefits of one of the popular brands circulating the gym scene today, I now refer to it and others like it as A CHEMICAL SHITSTORM. Yes you heard me correct.
Protein powders have this one major issues, they are (in most cases) highly processed and we all know my stance on processed food. yick.
These protein powders are processed, heated to the point that the protein is denatured (this means it is no longer in it’s natural form) which ultimately means our bodies have no clue what to do with it. If a substance is no longer recognized by our bodies as “food” what happens to it? what does our body do with it? better yet, what are the long term effects going to be? We end up with higher levels of acidity (thats not a good thing, cancer thrives on an acidic environment) and higher levels of toxicity – yup bad again. All of this build up in our cells (because we are what we eat) can lead to illness and diseases ranging from autoimmune all the way to cancer and in the end possibly death –what were we saying about long term effects?
So we get on the bandwagon of these protein powder packing super folks, it’s easy and super trendy. Your trainer recommends it, your best friend Lisa lost 40 lbs on it, everyone is doing it, they donate portions to charities for children (that was my favourite one), there is a team spirit, you make money selling it and helping (so you believe) others like yourself to get healthy…shall I continue? At the end of the day we are consuming something daily or in some cases twice daily, in great amounts that is supposed to be healthy but is actually making us sick. You think I eat too much kale but you have three shakes a day? uh huh.

Lets look at the other ingredients shall we?

Preservatives – yup they are packed with them.
GMO’s (genetically modified organisms)- no thanks.
Allergens – dairy (whey protein isolate)
Soy (likely gmo, not fermented so it is toxic)
Synthetic toxins– such as aspartame or some other buzzword replacement sugar that is equally as bad. Look for saccharin, artificial flavours, colours etc none of this is healthy. Some even contain dangerous levels of toxic heavy metals. such as arsenic, cadmium,mercury and lead. A study was done by consumer reports that was extremely eye opening a few years back. Now some companies have since rectified the situation but alas there are many others on the scene who are new or haven’t reformulated.
Synthetic vitamins, minerals and fake nutrients- TOXIC, TOXIC TOXIC.

It’s regulated though so it can’t be that bad right? WRONG! Since protein powders are classified as a supplement they are not regulated by the FDA, not that I have a ton of faith in the FDA but no regulation means it is virtually a free for all.

You can get all the nutrition, protein, superfood awesomeness from eating whole foods. Shocking concept I know. I love to add sprouted chia seeds, hemp seeds, ground up flax seeds or a variation of these to my shakes. Did you know that hemp seeds are one of the cleanest complete protein sources out there? It’s a whole food, no crazy processing required, no preservatives, no chemical shitstorm (there’s that term again). Plus they also, as is the case with many whole foods, contain fiber and omega’s plus due to that fiber they help make you feel full, regulate insulin and keep you happy (no crazy sugar spikes causing mood swings that your coworkers hate). They  won’t cause you to bloat, gain weight, make you sick or cause any of the other long list of side effects associated with the above mentioned powders.  No they aren’t a superfood, they are just plain food, whole food.
Ya but I can’t get enough protein from seeds or nuts… let’s set the record straight. You do not need half of the protein you think you need, not as an athlete, a growing child or even as a pregnant woman (who does require more than the average person). Did you know that 3 tbsp of hemp seeds gives you a whopping 14 grams of protein. Ok so now what? Check out my shake section and start making your own nutritionally dense, power packed shakes.
 Let’s make life as healthy as possible and limit the processed junk starting one protein tub at a time. Join the health revolution.
Cheers to being healthy!


  1. I would LOVE your take on Shakeology. Thanks so much.

  2. I don’t advocate any brand one protein powders in my practice. I don’t have a favourite as I prefer not o use any. My professional pinion is that there are better ways, less harmful ingredients, less synthetic vitamins and soy or GMO contents. I love the whole food plant based approach to health. Some are fine for a short term fix but they can cause damage to mineral uptake and create deficiencies shown in labs from long term use. I say do it right from the start and skip the short cut.

  3. I started to add harmonized whey protein powder to my shakes every day partly to help me to NOT lose weight and thinking, as others, that I was adding some good stuff to my body. It’s so confusing – who to believe. I’d just heard so many good things about this one especially since it’s supposed to be from grass fed cows. Have I really been douped?

  4. Hi Anne,

    I do not advocate ANY protein powders in my practice. There are many other ways to get the protein you seek, shake alternatives that use hemp etc rather than a synthetic source. I’m not a fan of any products that incorporate synthetic vitamins into their formulations.

    Thank you

  5. In my research findings whey is not something I recommend to anyone. Some do choose to use it and find results be it temporary or long term. I’m not a fan, it isn’t the worst brand on the market but long term effects can be detrimental to many. Whey can also create food intolerances and possibly an excessive inflammatory immune response.

    One study found whey creates an insulinogenic effect similar to white bread.

    The protein powder industry is a big money business… keep that in mind.

  6. Curious what your take is on taking collagen and peptides?

  7. I prefer it to be straight from the source, as in animal source. Bone marrow, bone broth and gelatin gummies (homemade of course) would be the option of choice for me. As for peptides I assume you mean elastin? Grass fed beef is key to getting both of those without issue.

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