Spring Has Sprung, Time to get Your Sun ON!

Spring Has Sprung, Time to get Your Sun ON!

As we have all heard by now there is a great need for vitamin D for all of our systems to function optimally. Our whole body depends on this vitamin known as the sunshine vitamin. Especially for those of us who live in the Northern climate where cold weather prevents us from getting adequate sun exposure. Ideally it is best to get it from the sun (practice safe sun exposure), but since this is not always an option we often opt for food and or supplementation of vitamin D which in most cases just not not enough. 

So how do we practice safe - sun therapy, also known as heliotherapy? This is when we are exposed to sunlight or UV light from sources which are safe. Before we all became scared of sun exposure due to the possible link to cancer, we were using the sun to treat illness such as rickets, tuberculosis (before the use of antibiotics) and various other diseases associated with light deficiency- such as vitamin D. We need the sun at certain levels and dosage to keep our systems running efficiently and this is much more than just going to the beach for a tan. 

Did you know that your capillaries are modified under the sun? The skin is linked to your autonomic nervous system, vitamin D is is also a seasonal stress hormone - known as a chronobiological stress hormone.

Have you ever noticed how you feel less stressed when basking in the warmth of the sun? For many who focus solely on the benefits of vitamin D they will then focus on the UVB portion of the spectrum (needed for synthesis of vitamin D) but the health benefits of the sun are not strictly limited to UVB. When you look at the cellular effects of UVB and UVA the does is really dependant on the benefit you aim to acquire. 

There is an issue with today's artificial light and also windows. The light we are exposed to is not the same as the light we are exposed to being outright in the sunlight. Our body needs to be exposed to all spectrums in order to prevent cell damage and properly utilize it’s own natural protection. A simple fix? Open your window to allow the full spectrum in. 

We are living in a state referred to as “biological darkness” the light from our office or home sends a signal to our body that we have achieved optimal light yet we have not received the benefits of the sun. The old artificial light source that provides a full spectrum is now being replaced with energy saving bulbs.

Our bodies over time have adapted to bright unfiltered daylight during then low level fire-light followed by darkness,this is the rhythm of light. In today’s world we have bright artificial light till late at night, play on technology till right before bedtime, multi task with electronics and television then turn it off and go to bed. Our minds are still reeling with no downtime, and then you add in the light from our alarm clock, small lights around the room from a tv or remote and our bodies don't get the proper darkness required to trigger hormones needed for health and repair. 

So now what? To avoid overexposure resulting in skin damage you want to start in the early spring with just a few minutes of sun exposure. Work up to 5 minutes then 10 minutes a day. Within a few days to a week you will be able to be out safely for 15 minutes.It doesn’t take much to achieve health. Sunglasses are another factor that won’t allow the sun to do it’s job, try taking off your sunglasses for a bit, even indirect light from the sun, shaded by a true is still recommended for eye health.. 

Let’s talk about BIOPHOONS, which despite the scientific evidence for existence has been disregarded in the USA. This is one of the reasons it is recommended to eat raw food as it is believed to elevate elected biophotons, which are surrogate makers for the liveliness of food and therefore of great benefit. Every chemical reaction goes along with an exchange of photonics energy.

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 Schedule a consultation to discuss safe sun, how to eat raw and if it is right for you (those with thyroid issues may want to avoid eating raw). 

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“In each of single cell [of your body], in every second, you have around 100,000 chemical reactions going on in order to maintain the processes of life, the biological functions [of the cell]. There are some methods to measure if there is light coming from a living cell. In fact there is light coming from it. These biophotons, which are produced by biochemical reactions, you cannot say they do not exist because you can measure them.

But most scientists are unwilling to believe that these biophotons have anything to do with the regulation of the chemical processes. This is kind of strange because, as a scientist, you should not go into ‘believe’ or ‘not believing’ things. If you only look at biochemistry, you only look at 50 percent of the truth. The process of life is only understandable when you take biophysical and biochemical processes into account at a portion of 50 percent each. The biophysical part is fairly covered by the biophoton theory.”

-Alexander Wunsch

We all should be aware of the fact that when the sun were to stop shining, nothing would be alive in two or three days on this planet,” Wunsch says. “When we are eating, we are eating transformed light. We can prove this scientifically, as you know. I think even if we are not able to estimate the influence light has on our biological system as a whole, it starts on the single cell [level] and it ends in our consciousness, in our mental functions. Light is a symbol in our culture, which will always be our companion.

 -Alexander Wunsch


 While much of  Alexander Wunsch’s work is published in German, there are many translations available.

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