Schisandra (schizandra)

Schisandra (schizandra)

shcisandra berriesThese little berries magically hit all 5 of the flavour receptors- sweet, salty, sour, bitter and pungent, it’ really quite a feet. They are incredibly high in antioxidants and are said to be liver cleansing, by protecting the liver from harmful toxins, radiation and unwanted exposures are nicely escorted out of the body.

You want to have the fountain of youth? Well perhaps not quite, but it does boost vitality.

It’s fantastic for inflammation and helps support cellular function.

Brain fog? This berry has you covered. It gives a boost of energy by stimulating the central nervous system helping you to focus. It’s been said to improve focus and memory which means increasing productivity at work!

Adrenal supporting and hormone balancing properties mean it’s great for menopause.

It also happens to be an adaptogen, so since pretty much all of us are stressed this should be in everyone’s diet. Its my secret to coping with stress, it helped me greatly when dealing with severe adrenal fatigue years ago. 

It’s good for the immune system. I just mentioned stress, which also affects the ability of our immune system to fight off disease, well certain ingredients in this berry allow your body to better cope with stress, depression and anxieties that  you may have encountered leaving you better able to fight off viruses that may come your way.

Sex is better with this herb, no seriously it is. It increases your libido and the “fluid” required for a woman to get all hot and heavy. It does the same thing for those little swimmers men. Not to mention it increases your drive. 

What about insomnia? Some people swear it helps them sleep, could be due to the anti anxiety properties or that it allows you to cope with stress better… who knows.

For all you out there who love my beetroot juice for the endurance boost, you will love this for the stamina increase it gives you. 

For those of you with low stomach acid (which is actually many of us) you will be pleased to know that it may increase, slightly, your stomach acid. Many think they have high stomach acid when the reality is actually the opposite, but that’s a whole other blog post.

Schisandra is known to stimulate the central nervous system which is not a bad thing, but those with epilepsy may want to take precautions . Although there is not a direct link there have been one or two experts that warn against the use of this berry. So take note.

Who should not be taking schisandra?

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