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Stop the cycle of trial and error, stop symptom chasing. We use step-by-step assessment procedures that allow us to identify underlying conditions. We have proven methods of testing for underlying issues that correlate with your health complaints. Using potent, proven, professional and drug-free protocols that help improve your health, not just treating your symptoms. “Treating the person and not the paper” Holly Warner, FDN-P

Holly Warner Health

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As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner I get asked what dietary theory I subscribe too. People are always shocked when I say I don’t advocate one specific theory- I preach bio individuality. The same goes with treatment plans, what works for one may not work for another. As a part of my practice I offer functional diagnostic testing to get to the root cause and design a protocol that is right for YOU. These non-invasive tests will give you insight into what your GP might have missed. Don’t sit around feeling sick, schedule an appointment today.

What is a nutritional therapy practitioner?

Holly's Love & Light Mala by Malarae

Health is all about balance. Let your intuition empower you to make decisions that work best for you. Whatever you are doing, do it with love + light.  Grab yours today 

Picture Jasper: Boosts the immune system, aids in detoxification, stimulates circulation and increases energy.

Moonstone: Enhance the assimilation of nutrients and eliminate toxins.

Amazonite: Supports the thyroid and soothes the nervous system. Known  to heal the throat chakra.

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“Let food be thy medicine & let medicine be thy food”


Basic Kombucha

The basic kombucha recipe can be altered to your specific liking. I always recommend using a black tea from an organic source. Orange pekoe is my personal favorite as is the most nutritious for the scoby and the longest fermented tea. It has the best pH level for the scoby and gives the strongest flavor. (pH is 2.6-4) Green tea can also be used but I recommend mixing it half and half with black tea. As long as it is a true leaf tea. After the batch I then go back to a black te base for the next brew as to give the scoby some nutrition back. Oolong tea (almost a black tea) This gives a softer, milder flavor Green tea especially lighter in color takes less time to ferment. Rooibos this is not a leaf from a tea plant, it’s a red tea. I advise to stay away from red teas, they don’t feed the scoby. Herbal teas You can do this occasionally but I don’t advise it. You would need to do a black tea again right after as to feed the scoby. White tea Although this is a tea from a leaf it is not a fermentable tea and cannot be used. You could try to mix it with black tea and see if you get a result but it is not advised. ** Stay away from teas with oil in them it will kill the bacteria in the kombucha and can make it go rancid. Chai Tea Do not use this type of tea. You can et around this by using a black tea and adding the... read more

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