My not so organic gut.

My not so organic gut.

OK so we’ve determined that organic is not just some hippy fad that is going to go away over time. Organic is great, but is this always the best option? For those with sensitivities it may still end up being not good enough.

Take a look at the top 5 foods to stay away from, even when organic for those with sensitivitiesHuman_navel,_female


#1 on my list is Soy, personally I tend to stay away from it period, it is the number one GM crop out there being somewhere around 90% of all soy crops are GM. That being said there are other issues that wreak havoc on our system, for example if it isn’t fermented don’t touch it.

Soy was the big winner in the health industry and among vegetarians for many years but the truth is that this legume is not all it is cracked up to be. Soy milk is a major culprit – among other unfermented versions, in causing endocrine disruption, digestive issues, hormonal issues including thyroid disruption and fertility issues.

In its defence some believe fermented soy has it’s benefits such as reduced breast  and prostate cancer rates. When soy is fermented it promotes probiotics that help in digestion. So chose soy that is organic and fermented if you feel the need to consume it.


#2. Wheat – This is a dirty word of late and really gets a bad wrap, due to the way we process wheat now it is likely not good in any form. With celiac on the rise and many people feeling they are gluten sensitive is it any wonder we are shying away from this grain? The reality is that we are lacking the friendly bacteria that helps us digest the gluten which can cause pain and discomfort for many people.

For some trying sprouted wheat may help. For others simply substituting for amaranth, oats, almond, coconut, millet, buckwheat,rice, quinoa or corn flour is simply a better option. As a side note I am leery of corn due to a rise in sensitivities I am seeing which mimic the symptoms of those sensitive to gluten. I also have to mention that corn is another heavily GM crop and I recommend staying away.


#3 Milk, more specifically cows milk. Yes organic milk is a better option as you are eliminating toxic chemicals, antibiotics and hormones. BUT (and this is a big but) it is still pasteurized which removes pretty much all the beneficial bacteria and enzymes which would make it worth consuming. So what is the point? If you choose to consume cows milk try to find a good quality organic raw milk. Get to know your local farmer.


#4 Pork, although some people do not consume pork for religious reasons others tend to enjoy the taste. Lets be blunt, pigs are disgusting, they eat anything and everything in site (yup even their own poop). Seeing as their digestion rate is much faster than ours there isn’t a chance for it to eliminate any of the toxins that may be present in whatever they just ate.

Did you know pigs don’t have sweat glands? This means the toxins have no effective way of being removed, they just stay there in the body. Even when fed a low toxic organic diet you cannot control everything they get into their mouths…gross.


#5 Peanuts, this is in my opinion the garbage nut, leave it for the squirrels. Unlike other nuts peanuts have a softer more porous shell. This allows contaminants and fungi to bind to them. Certain fungi naturally found in the soil cause aflatoxin, a known cancer causing chemical. This fungi can easily attach itself to the nut during development stages. Systemic fungal infections are on the rise affecting 70% of people out there. This can cause severe reactions even death in some people, so even though you are buying organic it may be a better idea to switch to almond butter or a different type of nut butter.

**If you do use organic peanut butter I suggest storing it in the fridge to avoid the growth of this fungus.


So the basic gist of it is, even if it’s organic doesn’t mean your gut won’t have issues with you consuming it. While I always recommend organic I recommend going what your body tolerates more.




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