Kombucha vs Jun Tea

We have heard much about the benefits of Kombucha, but what about Jun Tea?

This traditional fermented tonic (tea) is made with green tea and honey and touts the benefits of any other fermented beverage. For those who enjoy a homemade kefir or kombucha this soft light tea may be a nice alternative for you.

I could go into detail regarding the ancient beliefs surrounding this tea and the fascinating rituals conducted while brewing but I will save that for you to google at a later date.

For those die hard Kombucha fans you are likely asking the question, what’s the difference? Well let me tell you. There is a distinct flavour to kombucha, a sour taste (which I personally love) whereas Jun has a much more delicate and less sour taste. While the process is very similar between the two, Jun has a faster fermentation cycle than kombucha. Where a mother (scoby) is pretty much guaranteed with kombucha, the daughters cultures with jun are much less of a certainly. Another little tidbit-  it requires a lower temperature for fermentation meaning  jun will be ideal for the cooler kitchens or in climate that has a harsh winter.

So how do you make this lovely brew? You simply make some green tea, sweeten it with honey and cool (to room temperature). Once cool you may stir in the Jun mother culture an some previously prepared Jun tea. These both can be found here.

Let the mixture sit (covering lightly with a tea towel) for approx 3 to 4 days. You will want to then transfer the mix into a different container for a second fermentation, this gives the Jun tea it’s wonderful fizz. (I’ve seen flip top bottles recommended)

For a complete step by step recipe check out my recipe section here.


  1. Hi! I have a friend that is interested in brewing some Jun, she was lucky to get her little hands on a Jun scoby! But she was wondering if it was safe to drink while pregnant?
    Thanks 🙂

  2. There are many who would advise not to, although I have seen many do it. I think it depends on you personally. I drank kombucha while pregnant, but I was careful of where it came from ( I was not brewing it at the time)

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