I’m Dropping The Bomb!

I’m Dropping The Bomb!

The nutrient bomb that is.

I'm talking about avocado’s baby! They are so creamy, delicious and in my books they are a veritable superfood powerhouse.

First off NO they won't make you fat, we really need to lose that mentality and quick. They are a monounsaturated fat which is the same good fat found in high quality olive oil. They also happen to contain fibre, which is very much needed as studies show we are all lacking in adequate finer in our diet - especially women. So with regards to making you fat they will actually satiate you which means curbing your hunger and therefore losing weight. I add these babies to my shakes instead of a banana as a thickener, I eat them alone and toss them on salads. 

So what makes them a nutritional powerhouse - a nutrient bomb so to speak? well besides the monounsaturated fat they contain over 14 minerals, protein, 18 essential nutrients (thats a lot for one food!), soluble fibre (thats the good stuff that carries the gunk out of our systems), phytosterols, polyphenols, carotenoids, omega 3’s (the ones we need), vitamin B complex, C,E, and K are also present. 

Did I mention that they also help to lower cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and raise the good cholesterol (HDL) and help to regulate blood sugar. See they are the bomb!

Here’s the nerdy stuff. Studies have shown that avocados help with the absorption of carotenoids so mix in some avocado with your salad and throw in some of those red and orange veggies, they are huge cancer fighters.


As a side note you don't need to buy organic, these little gems have a thick skin so they are protected from the toxins around including chemicals we spray on them. 

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