How to cure heartburn or GERD without drugs

How to cure heartburn or GERD without drugs

So whats the deal with heartburn anyway? Most of us believe that it is excess acid and therefore if we douse the flames with ant-acids we will get some relief. Problem is what we are doing may actually be causing more harm than good.

Truth be told we are sabotaging ourselves. We don’t thoroughly chew our food for one thing and we wash it all down (including our much-needed digestive enzymes) with water, beer, wine or whatever beverage is by your hand at the time of your meal.

Many who suffer reflux are our on medication to hide the symptoms but this won’t cure the problem.

What is even scarier is that new data coming out about PPI’s (proton Pump Inhibitors) shows it may double your risk of dying from a heart attack… eek! Not to mention heightened risk of bone fractures, increased risk of intestinal bacteria infections, and low magnesium levels which is already a huge epidemic.

Why would I want to take something which is s supposed to prevent discomfort and instead risk me dying? I think I would rather look a little deeper into solving the underlying issues thanks. Yes, they do work, they suppress or prevent the secretion of stomach acid, which if you are suffering from GERD or acid reflux can seem like the answer. But is it? No.

We need stomach acid to aid in digestion of our food and kill off the bad bacteria. It’s one of the steps required in the digestive process. When we miss this important step we are asking for a cascade of issues with what should be a perfectly designed process.

Another wicked myth is that taking these medications will prevent or reduce your risk of esophageal cancer, when in fact they seem to increase it by a whopping 340%

The answer is lying right before us in many posts you are reading about online, new scientific studies and data rolling in from top research institutes… heal the gut. You see the CAUSE is also the CURE.


Here are recommendations I use in my own clinical practice. 
  • ACV - one tablespoon apple cider vinegar prior to your meal or if heartburn arises. This will help prevent and will remedy it faster than popping a tums. 
  • Stop drinking water or fluids in general at meal time. After that first bite rely on chewing to wash don you food rather than liquids. You see when you drink during a meal you actually chew less and wash away those much-needed digestive enzymes. 
  • Speaking of digestive enzymes, pop some before you start your meal. Be aware of what you are eating and grab one that helps you not only digest fats but also protein. 
  • For those who are really suffering you can add betaine HCL to your regime, my digestive enzyme actually contains some of this but you can also take it straight. Want to know if you suffer from too high stomach acid or actually too low (which is the case in most people) Grab some beaten hl and start with a minimal dose, gradually increase it until you start to feel a fraction. This is how you know your ideal dose. 
  • Keep a food diary, making notes on what aggravates you system makes it easier to cope with those foods when you consume them prior rather than after eating. 
  • Throw in some aloe, it has been shown to aid in GI issues. I add it to my shakes.
  • Oh and do yourself a favour, slow down. Chew your food. This doubly applies for the men out there. Stop and taste you food, enjoy it, savour it.
  • Take a few  slow, deep breathes. Change your body's response to the fight or flight state we currently live in with daily stressors. When you refocus and take a deep breath you are telling your body to bring the blood flow back to the core, where your digestive system is. This means digestion will be optimized rather than having your body think you are running from a bear and need all that extra energy in your arms and legs. Remember your body is programmed for survival first. 

I’m not suggesting you stop taking your PPI cold turkey, if that is what you are taking. Consult a licensed healthcare practitioner, holistic or functional medicine doctor or a naturopath for the proper protocol to wean you off, slowly.


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