Holy Basil Batman!

Why I love Holy Basil (Tulsi) 


This herb is an anti-histamine, anti-inflammatory rock star! It also has the ability to decrease high levels of cortisol (that’s your stress hormone) and since it’s an adaptogenic herb it helps us adapt better, this means it can help reduce anxiety.

Did you know that holy basil has been shown to be as effective as Zantac at treating histamine induced ulcers and preventing mast cell degranulation, oh and anaphylactic shock too. Thats a pretty bold statement isn’t it. 

Is holy basil the same as regular basil? No. Holy basil is also known as sweet basil but it is not quite the same thing as the basil you make you presto out of.

OK here is some of the geeky info: Holy basil is an anti-histamine that has been shown to affect histamine’s H2 receptor. This means those suffering from conditions like histamine intolerance, histaminosis, mastocytosis and mast cell activation disorders with those nasty gastrointestinal complaints.  

It has a high vitamin K content which is something we all need, it could even be why it’s anti-inflammatory effects are so great.

What about supportive therapies?

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Since my sister was already seeing Holly I figured why not check her out for myself. Turns out it was a great decision. I had this reaction that I didn't realize was not only due to one of my favourite foods but could be fixed so I didn't have to give it up permanently. 

Thanks Holly



I had to laugh when Holly suggested that my cure all was a tea, a tincture and some olive oil. When I finally tried it she had me saying "no shit, this stuff really works!"

I only did two sessions with Holly because after that I was on track. How fantastic is it to be able to know what was up with my allergies and to alleviate the symptoms without drugs.  I now know that anytime something is off I can pick up the phone and schedule a session. This woman really knows her stuff, she's my favourite science witch.

For those with allergic disorders you want to listen up. Clinical studies have found a close association between asthma and serum IgE levels, as well as IgE-dependent skin test reactivity to allergens. Antigen challenge, in sensitized animals, results in the degranulation of mast cells, which is an important feature of anaphylaxis. 

This study was conducted with the aim of comparing the efficacy of Holy Basil against gastric and duodenal ulcers. The hydralcoholic extract of the plant exhibited significant ulcer protective effect against gastric ulcers in pyloric ligated rats as well as against duodenal ulcers in histamine treated guinea pigs. In both these models of peptic ulcer, significant ulcer protective effects were observed with 100 mg/kg and 200 mg/kg of ocimum sanctum, which were comparable. These effects were also comparable with ranitidine which was used as the standard drug for comparison in both the models. The antiulcer activity of ocimum sanctum could be due to its antisecretory, anticholinergic or antihistaminergic properties. In view of this therapeutic potential, more studies are required to establish holy basil as a standard drug for peptic ulcer

Study link

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Supporting all the systems is key to your body functioning a a whole. Remember that each system depends on another, it can mean that when one is off track it is due to a deeper issue and another system being off track. This is what we do over at Holly Warner Health. We get to the root cause of your symptoms. Have you checked us out yet? 


Don't forget to check out my recipe for Holy Basil Vinegar! (next slide)


I love adding holy basil to teas (tulsi tea) but have recently started making tonics for every occasion. One of my favourites is Holy Basil Vinegar, I actually use this for clients who want to curb their sugar cravings. It works amazing as it helps to regulate our blood sugar.

Grab a mason jar and add

1 cup holy basil. 

3-4 cups vinegar (ACV) I use apple cider vinegar

Leave it to sit in mason jar, making once per day. After 3-6 weeks minimum you are ready to go! You can strain it and use as a salad dressing or do what I do and keep it in your desk at work and when one of those 3 PM sugar cravings hit you can down a tbsp of this baby. 

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