Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Functional Diagnostic Nutrition

Are you seeing someone who can provide you with Functional diagnostic nutrition? Does your practitioner test you the way you need to be tested? Does your GP run proper thyroid testing including a broad spectrum panel? How about your holistic nutritionist, can they run diagnostic tests to see if you have leaky gut or suffer from adrenal fatigue? 



Some tests work better with saliva than blood, knowing the difference can mean finding a solution faster. Stop playing the guessing game and having inaccurate tests. Testing for adrenal fatigue the right way could be a life saver.


Nadia. O

Dental asistant

I started seeing Holly about a month ago, I brought her all my blood work to look at and left with another set of recommendations to take back to my GP. She asked me to get another req done and when I did we found I was actually not ok. She caught thyroid issues earlier than my own GP did and now they are working together. She was also able to refer me to an amazing specialist for hormone balancing although we were able to correct most of it with what I was eating and some lifestyle adjustments. I never knew I could go to Holly and have adrenals tested or test for leaky gut. I'm on the road to recovery and can't imagine seeing anyone else, plus I get to keep all my labs and she helps me understand them!


Testing for SIBO can lead to better understanding of the probiotics you may need to stay away from. Digestive issues can me more than a one size fits all, test for what you need.


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Test accurately for hormonal imbalances and thyroid issues. Standard testing has to broad a spectrum, get it done right and start fixing the issues your GP may have missed.


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