Fall Reset

Fall Reset


Fall Reset

September Detox starts now!

When I think of a cleanse I think of spring, cleaning out my garage or my closet, purging the junk accumulated over the past year…and of course getting rid of the winter weight. But what about a fall cleanse? After a summer of indulgence sometimes a one-day detox can be just what the doctor ordered. Perhaps you had a fantastic labor day weekend and need to get back on track, or maybe you have been off track with back to school and need to get back into the routine. 

If you are suffering from any of the following symptoms it could be your body letting you know it is time to hit the “reset” button.


Bloating, and/or constipation

Weight gain, especially the abdomen

Insomnia or poor quality of sleep

Joint pain

Fatigue or feeling sluggish

Low energy

feeling of com in down with a cold or flu like symptoms

You’re probably saying to  yourself what? she’s nuts, I don’t need to cleanse, I do that after Christmas, why would I want to do this in the fall?  Well as the seasons change so should the way we eat. It’s a new season and a perfect time for a new start, to re-evaluate and start new habits. 

Now when I say detox I don’t just mean detox your body…I want you to detox you life! 

Pick one day this month to turn off your cell phone *gasp*, shut down the computer, get out of your house with the family and enjoy some of the last of the decent wether we have before old man winter rears his cold and ugly head. Spend some true quality time with yourself or with your loved ones. Go apple picking, go for a walk and admire the changing leaves, do whatever makes YOU feel good.

Next step? Choose one thing in your life that needs de-cluttering and tackle it. Garage, closet, or even just a few dresser drawers, trust me even just one drawer will make a massive impact on your life. Don’t believe me? Try it!

So what do  you do for the nutritional side of this fall detox?


Start your day with some WARM alkaline lemon water. Mix 8 ounces (12 oz if you can do it) of warm water (not hot as it will kill the benefit of the lemon) with some freshly squeezed lemon. Don’t use the fake pre squeezed crap it’s not gonna cut it. I like to add a little cayenne to mine and a tsp of apple cider vinegar for that added kick. This stimulates the immune system and also adds some alkalinity (you want this, trust me)

Try Some Meditation

No this isn’t just for new age hippies. This is a great way to start your day, I like to start with just 10 minutes. I concentrate on breathing. Take 10 deep cleansing deep breaths and then continue with slow breaths in through the nose, hold and release slowly through the mouth. Try to take longer to exhale than you do inhaling…play around with this till  you find what works for you. Be in a place of thankfulness and positivity for the day ahead. 


I love to start my day with a green juice then I add my overnight oatmeal on my way to work in the car, but for others a green smooth is the answer. Check out my overnight oatmeal recipe from my website http://thewildcarrot.ca/overnight-oatmeal-or-breakfast-in-a-jar/


For an easy green juice try this:

1/2 organic cucumber, skin on

1/2 apple

1/4 organic lime, not waxed (leave the skin on)

2 celery stalk

1” ginger

A few sprigs of watercress, parsley and throw in some kale 

Prefer a smoothie? 

A handful of spinach

a cucumber

a quarter of an avocado (to much will make your smoothie too thick)

add some ice or coconut water and a little cacao powder. Blend for 30 seconds and enjoy.


To avoid that 3 pm slump you want to make sure you have a light lunch, try to keep it close to liquid, a nice bone broth or soup of some sort (stay away from those cream soups) and add a nice salad. You ant to add as many colours as you can to this salad and throw in some avocado for the healthy fat and filling aspect. You want to avoid store bought dressings, make you own, olive oil and the remainder of the half of your lemon from this mornings lemon water would be ideal. You could also try my amazing kale and cabbage salad, it’s extremely satiating.


Exercise: go for a 20 minute walk, remember to stretch throughout the day, take little breaks from your desk to stretch. I like to get up and jump in one spot to get everything going…

Afternoon snack: make sure you are being well hydrated throughout the day, this is important. I like to have fruit as a snack, this is something I tend not to mi with any other meal due to food combining rules. Reach for some anti oxidant rich blueberries or a fruit of choice.


Unwind with a hot stone massage or an infrared sauna treatment,want to know where to go? If you are local to my surroundings I have allocation for you! If not  then google will have to be your friend in this case. This is an excellent way to unwind and relieve pain of sore joints or muscles. 

Nightcap: One of my favourite fall drinks is either a fantastic turmeric tea 


or if I have extra time I make some ginger tea. Now I like my ginger tea spicy so I peel about 2” or soof ginger, cut it up and add it to boiling water. I let it simmer for about 2 hours to really get the spice going then I let it sit and cool slightly, just to the temperature that I wont burn my tongue. I add a little unpasteurized local honey and enjoy.

Finish the day with a little gratitude.

Write down at least one thing, three is much better, that you are grateful for. The act of writing versus just thinking have been shown to activate the pleasure sensors in the brain. 

On days that you aren’t’ cleansing to sort of continue the cleansing action I like to “unplug” at lest 2 hours before bed. This means no cell, I turn the lights down and the volume of the TV gets turned down. No TV in the bedroom ever is a good rule to follow. Don’t forget to cover all those tiny little lights in your bedroom as well, this helps with the production of melatonin- that’s your sleep hormone.

See how you feel after one day of avoiding common food triggers like gluten,message,corn, dairy, caffeine,alcohol and of course sugar. 

If you a re interested in doing a deeper detox try one of my other detox programs.

10-day sugar detox

21 days to energy

Want to know more?  email me holly@thewildcarrot.ca



Sincerely yours,

Holly Warner holistic practitioner and certified health coach.



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