Elimination Diet

Elimination Diet

Inflammatory foods can lead to serious gut issues such as infections. The same goes for irritants such as alcohol, caffeine (I know this one is a sore spot for some), certain prescription drugs, gluten, soy, corn, eggs and sugar. Utilizing an elimination diet is the best way to find our what your triggers are and avoid them or limit your exposure. Once you have removed the above mentioned food for 2 weeks you may gradually reintroduce them one at a time. The ones you react to are the ones you may want to consider eliminating on a more permanent basis while others may more tolerable occasionally. Remeber you need to remove all these foods at once and only after 2 weeks do you gradually, one by one reintroduce them back into your diet. Some of you may find that you are sensitive to more than one of these items.

So what if it is an infection not just a sensitivity causing this reaction? where did it come from? It could have been from a number of sources. Parasites, bacteria or yeast. Keep in mind yeast can also be systemic and not show symptoms in women that you would traditionally think such as yeast infections. Check out my article on gut health.

A stool analysis is always a good way to figure out what’s up and then treat accordingly. You will want to see your ND or other certified medical practitioner to have this done.

If you want to know more more on elimination diets and how they work contact me: holly@thewildcarrot.ca or here!

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