Don’t go sprouting a frown over my soaked beans, there’s no need to get sour…or is there?

Don’t go sprouting a frown over my soaked beans, there’s no need to get sour…or is there?

Ok enough kidding around, do we really need to soak our beans, sprout and sour our grains? Yes we do! I can hear you all sighing already, so much more work.

sproutsI’ve been a long time fan of sprouting, mostly in the summer months they just go well with pretty much everything. In these fall and winter months I tend to switch to beans, and as I was taught that means you need to soak them. This is all for the benefit of ‘better nutrition’ (it helps to break down the phytic acid, which stops us from absorbing the nutrients properly.)

I have also noticed that for better digestion I need to soak my grains and even my raw nuts! Yes I know this is more time consuming but realistically all it takes is a little pre planning and man is it worth it.

I had a colleague mention a rule – sprouting, soaking or souring… hold on a second here, souring? Yup just like sourdough bread. So these are the three options that we really need in order to get full absorption and proper digestion of our grains, beans, lentils etc.


According to many studies when you sour whole grains you will notice that the nutritional value goes way up. I never really thought of myself as malnourished. I mean look where we live right? The fact of the matter is that our soil is depleted of essential nutrients which leaves our food and essentially our bodies with a whopping 25% less nutrients

We know about the importance of nutrient dense foods, but some of us either haven’t got the budget or haven’t got the time, so we really need to get the nutrient boost wherever we can.

Fellow bloggers soak, sprout and sour everything they bake, I simply haven’t got the time to do all that, so I stick to the meals and snacks for now. It’s on my list of things to tackle though so don’t you worry I will be on that ship soon enough.

Stressing yourself out trying to be perfect all the time isn’t healthy either so remember baby steps are just fine.


Info on Phytic:



Who should be most concerned:


Some of the studies out there:



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