Ditch the eggs and not for the reasons you think

Ditch the eggs  and not for the reasons you think

First off let me start by saying that eggs are something I consider healthy, for some people. If you aren't suffering from an allergy, intolerance or histamine reaction from them that is. Eggs are a great source of B12, iodine, riboflavin and choline. The yolk and the white provide this perfect partnership to balance each others good and bad properties. However there have been studies that lead us to believe that just a half an egg per day is enough to increase our risk of heart disease by 6% (not that big a deal), unless you suffer from diabetes, then the increased rate is more around the 40% mark. Oh I should mention that it also increases your risk of diabetes by 29%, those are some interesting numbers. I for one have a slight intolerance to eggs so having them in moderation is already my motto, especially as I move closer and closer to a more plant-based style of eating. 


I've tried the lacklustre, unsatisfying substitutes like flax or chia eggs (not great), eventually I stumbled on a recipe that used bean brine. My first instinct was GROSS, but then I played around with it a bit and behold this wonderful thickening agent for many of my sauces was born. Of course this is no secret in the vegan community, good thing I have a few friends in that camp that have helped me perfect this technique along the way. Personally I don't buy beans in a can so using the pre-cooked slug that came in the bottled stuff wasn't an option, although I do use it when I am in a rush (stick to the stuff in a bottle or BPA free can).

Why would I use inflammatory ingredients to thicken my sauces or gravy (see I'm not a vegan yet) when I could use something with antihistamine properties (depending on who you believe) and cancer fighting properties!

But what about the lectins, these are a major issue for many, myself included. Well one remedy is consuming beans daily helps your body build up the necessary enzymes to digest and rid yourself of the bloat/gas side effects. Another option is using a pressure cooker, this is said to remedy the lectin issue completely. For those concerned with biogenic amines leached out of the beans during the cooking process causing issues you have to ask what the lesser of the two evils is. Egg whites are what most people react to especially since they are mast cell, histamine and allergy triggers. Did you know that egg whites and carrageenan (which is in a ton of organic products and health food store products so buyer beware) are actually used as a mast cell, histamine, allergy trigger in studies? So why are we adding them to our diet?

You may want to look into aquafaba, the fancy term for bean water. No need to buy it just grab some chickpeas, drain and whip up...voila you have aquafaba! 


Recipes and studies:

studies: Dr Michael Gregor M.D. provides quite a few in regards to eggs, diabetes and heart disease. 



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