Detox Bath

Detox Bath

I’ve been asked on numerous occasions how to properly do a detox bath so I decided it was time to put up a post.  Sweating is one of the ways your body naturally detoxifies, so it stands to reason working out in the gym, getting your sweat on by running or any physical activity is a sure bet to help that process out. But what about those who are simply not physically able at this point in their journey? Thats where a detox bath comes in handy. Not only do you eliminate some of the toxins, you also absorb much needed minerals and nutrients. You will want to do this before bed, as it will wipe your energy right out and you will sleep like a baby. Don’t rush the process though, take a good hour of “me” time.

Step 1: prep your body
Hydrate with 8 ounces of room temperature water prior to your bath. I also like to have a large glass beside the bath for when I get thirsty while relaxing.
Step 2: Get your supplies ready
You will need:
  • Epsom Salts (Magnesium Sulphate)
  • Baking soda (sodium bicarbonate)
  • Sea Salt of Himalayan Salt
  • Unprocessed, raw, unfiltered apple cider vinegar
  • Your favourite essential oil if you like, lavender is a nice soothing one
  • Dry Skin brush
Step 3: dry brushing
Your skin is the largest organ of the body, this means it absorbs everything we put on it, good and bad. We need to be taking better care of it. Most of you who are already a part of my program or have gone through my program in the past know that I am a fan of rebounding (mini trampoline) in the morning to get your lymphatic system going. Well the same goes for the evening with dry brushing. It is said to aid in speeding up your lymphatic systems ability to eliminate waste.
  • Use a dry brush with a long handle so you can get to those hard to reach places.
  • When choosing a brush make sure it feels nice on your skin. You wont be using water to soften the bristles so they need to feel just right. Dry brushing shouldn’t hurt.
  • It’s called dry brushing as it is done when the skin is dry… Start at your feet and work your way your legs one at a time using circular sweeping motions toward your heart. Make you way to your midsection both front and back then go across your chest. Finish by moving the bus in those same sweeping motions towards your armpits.
Step 4: Be prepared
You may feel some flu-like symptoms, light-headed, nausea or headache. This is normal and why I recommend bringing water to drink while you are in the bath. Drink it slowly during your bath to remain hydrated. I like to add a little lemon to my water.
Step 5: Create the right atmosphere
You want this to be relaxing so dim the lights, add some candles, turn off the distractions (this is a cell free zone) If you like you can have quiet or play some soft relaxing music. Sounds are best and limited words. This is the time to slip into a related state and a good time to practice your breathing exercises.
Step 6: Add your ingredients
Fill the tub with hot water, the temperature should be comfortable for you, too hot will make you feel light headed so be careful.  Don’t’t be afraid to adjust the temperature one you are situated if needed.
For adults you will be adding:
  • 2 cups epsom salts (why add this? magnesium help flush toxins and helps form proteins in the brain tissue and joints. It is also great for combating hypertension and other health issues due to deficiency of this.
  • 1-2 cups baking soda (why add this? – anti-fungal and cleansing)
  • 1/4 cup Himalayan salt (why add this?- combats stress, fluid retention, and calms nervous system due to the magnesium. Prevents water retention, increases circulation and strengthens bones and nails due to the calcium. Energizes and helps balance skins moisture due to the potassium. Bromides ease muscle stiffness and relax. Sodium is important for the fluid balance and in turn immune system function.
  • 1/4 cup apple cider vinegar (why add this? – packed with vitamins, minerals and enzymes , it is one of the best ways to cleanse your body of bacteria and boost your immune system.
***If you choose not to use essential oils you can add fresh or dried herbs to your bath, or skip that step entirely.***
Swish all the ingredients around and enjoy. You don’t need to wait until they have all dissolved to get into the bath and start enjoying.
A solid 40 minutes is recommended. When you are done, dry off by lightly patting yourself dry, slipping into some comfy pjs and getting into bed. Stay away from the cell phone for the rest of the night, this goes for all electronics. Keep the lighting low as this has set the tone for your adrenals to relax and your cortisol levels to drop.
You’re all set so sit back, relax and enjoy! bath

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