Thank you so much for responding to my inquires. Funny how we have gone to 6 different doctors including specialist and no one could help. You got it without even seeing us!  I am so grateful for the conversation. You are at the top of my recommendation list!

Susan. Vacheresse

Real Estate broker/ Agent, Re/Max Affiliates Realty Ltd. Brokerage Barrhaven


I love to hear from those who have benefitted from my program. No matter which program it is the results are always the same… better health, more energy, a happier outlook on life and the view on the mirror, better sleep, clearer thinking (bye bye brain fog) no more pain, less or no pills because you get what you need from what you eat and you learn to eat for what you need. I could continue but these will speak for themselves.

Hi Holly! Just wanted to thank you for the flu/cold tonic. I’ve been taking it since Friday and I have to say 1) I LOVE the taste;; 2) it has helped my 2 week old cold pass a lot quicker. I dropped some off to my sister who is at home sick and since Saturday she too is feeling a hellva lot better. Hot or hot I love this shite sista! Love it, have to say I am addicted to the taste. I was saying “hot or not I love it” And I find my energy is increased! Helen Hayes

I have had the pleasure of working with Holly on two separate occasions now. I was impressed with her professionalism, extensive knowledge and ability to run her own “functional diagnostics” which you will not see in a standard practice. Not only did she share her findings with me, she worked with my patient and myself to bring greater results.

I highly recommend seeing her if you have any issues regarding hormones or gastro symptoms. I would also encourage more allopathic physicians to seek her out. She is a true pioneer of her trade.

Dr. K

Heather K, MD, PhD


We are a household with four children and two adults and as a result it seems we are constantly fighting colds and germs during the winter months.  As a mother this is especially tiring when I get sick too, as there is not a lot of reprieve to allow for rest, I am the caretaker and that means I don’t have time to get sick and when I do it is very frustrating!  
Last winter our family experienced probably the worst cold and flu season that I can remember.  The season started for us in November and went clean through until February…it was horrible and extremely draining both mentally and physically!  Believe me when I say I had tried everything to combat these germs, but to no avail it all seemed completely useless.
As Fall approached this year, my anxiety began to grow in the anticipation that we may be up against another long battle with colds and flus, my planning for how we were all going to stay well for the season was in full swing.  As luck may have had it, I truly stumbled upon Holly’s master tonic!  I had read a thread about someone else raving how it had helped them kick a difficult, residual cold bug.  In that instance, I decided to message Holly about her master tonic and haven’t looked back since!
I can truly say this season, despite the cold bugs (and we have had a few) that have entered our home, I have stayed healthy!  Even my husband who was reluctant at first, ended up trying the tonic to help him fight an impending cold and was happily surprised.
Holly’s master tonic has become a go-to favourite for my husband and myself when we feel ourselves getting run down and cold symptoms beginning to appear.  As a family who makes an effort to choose a healthier lifestyle in general, we really appreciate the fact we are winning the war on colds with natural, organic ingredients too!   What a bonus! 
Thank you Holly for helping to keep our family healthy!

I would like to take the time to express my praise and gratitude towards Holly and all the help I’ve received from her.

A little background to my story.  I was diagnosed with stage 4 Non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma (Burkitts). My prognosis according to the doctors was not good at all, just three years. I was treated with the absolute best the oncology team had to offer. Chemotherapy, radiation, and stem cell transplants all played a huge part of my recovery. But at the same time these treatments were also extremely gruelling, with harmful side effects. So harsh that not everyone makes it through successfully. I needed to do everything I could through diet and nutrition to stay strong during my treatments. I also wanted to include any food and supplements that would help fight off the cancer. Unfortunately the hospital wasn’t equipped with the resources that I needed in terms of naturopathic care.

I am so grateful to have met Holly. She has been knowledgeable, analytical, and compassionate in her methodology and approach to understanding what I needed to gain back my health.  Following her dietary recommendations and adding all the right supplements to my diet was more than effective. I had experienced positive changes right from the start. I continually impressed my doctors with how strong I was and how well I progressed throughout my treatments.

I am now three years post cancer, with no sign of disease! And continue to rely on Holly’s wealth of knowledge.  It was a blessing to meet someone so real and down to earth as Holly. I would not hesitate to recommend her to my family and close friends. She has genuine care and concern for her patients and takes the time to truly listen.

Mike P.

I started working with Holly not even 2 months ago, and I have already made small changes with huge impact. From just adding lemon water to my mornings, to actually writing in a food journal, I have discovered so much about myself and have already noticed that these small changes have been effortlessly incorporated into my daily life, where previously, it was like pulling teeth to make even the tiniest of changes on my own. I find that I am eating with more awareness, living more consciously, and learning to love myself again. It’s not an overnight process but in less than 2 months, I already feel like I’ve gained some control over my health. With Holly’s expertise, I no longer have to worry about feeling overwhelmed with all the mixed messages telling me what I should and shouldn’t eat.


Rachela Brisindi

Owner and lead designer, Butter and Honey Graphic Design

After 4 years of suffering, almost losing my job and having my husband think I was dying… I finally found Holly through a close friend. She sent me out for testing that I had never heard of and was able to find the answers I needed. I’ve started her protocol and haven’t felt better. Turns out I was suffering from adrenal dysfunction, whatever that was! I know more now about my body, it’s cues that it was giving me and of course how to take care of myself, than ever before. She isn’t just about nutrition, she’s the whole body experience and I thank her for that. I have my energy back, I sleep better oh and I am able to fit into my sexy lingerie again. Ya baby, that libido is BACK! Sorry if this is TMI but man oh man is my sex life happening. I felt dead before, I don’t think it was ever really alive, well it is now! Tina

Adrenal Dysfunction Sufferer

OK folks…if you’ve ever had a runny nose, cough, flu or just head cold you NEED to try some of Holly’s tonic.

I sent a message to Holly and by Friday 3:30pm I hadthe tonic in my hand. Listen carefully to this part, I’m not lying when I say I was a little skeptical of his tonic but, I followed Holly’s instructions and by Saturday at 4:00pm I was up and running again! I can’t thank Holly enough for her help, love ya girl!IMG_0773

Leigh Ann

Financial Planner

So I was sitting in a meeting all morning and it dawned on me… hummm I have energy to stay focused, no brain fog… I feel pretty damn good… my stomach isn’t killing me… my skin is so soft… my face is not burning… my heart rate is normal… pain… humm what pain right now? and I am not starving… AND I have the beginning of what looks like a NECK, not the swollen goiter thats been hanging around for years…. my simple solution: raw ORGANIC living and of course a couple of ounces of fresh grown WHEATGRASS a day… go figure… my most awesome health coach in less than 2 months has done what thousands (and I really mean tens of thousands if not hundreds) of dollars in the medical system couldn’t do.

My health coach extraordinaire, Holly is bringing me back to life people… LOOK OUT!… I am coming!

Faster than the medical system would have ever thought possible… ok… reality check … so today is a good day…. but a very very good day… because if I have even 4 hrs to forget about pain that isn’t numbed from huge doses of medication, I am in my little cubicle heaven I have for myself (surrounded by men in uniform … hello!)… I really hope this is the trend now…. and not the exception…. amen for good days!!!! NEXT MILESTONE: glowing skin again, is that to much to ask for? And if I can also win the lottery that would be good.


Having sent two patients to see Holly, I am pleased to say she does an excellent job. She is thorough, runs her own diagnostics that even I do not run, and is able to work with rather than against allopathic physicians.

Having an ally “on the other side” is peace of mind for my patients. I strongly recommend her programs.

Heather K, MD, PhD


My mind is clearer, digestion issues have cleared up and my cravings for certain “unhealthy” foods have done down.  I’ve started to eat better, more healthy foods  such as green veggies and juices. My energy level is up and I have a better understanding of my own health and the human body. I find that writing in a journal and on a dream board has really relieved a lot of my anxiety and stress, Holly does more than nutrition, she targets the whole. I’m getting a more restful sleep now too!



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