Are you your worst enemy?

Are you your worst enemy?

Does this sound like you?

Do you get sick easily or just feel run down (frequent colds or infections)?

Have you gained weight around your abdomen and no matter what you eat or how hard you exercise it's still hanging on?

Hows your sex life? Is it DOA?

Are you anxious? Depressed?

Dizzy for no reason? 

Are you tired even after 8  or 9 hours sleep? Don’t blame it on the long winter we had, truth is your body is telling you something much bigger is going on.

How about you gut? Is it acting up? loss of appetite? diarrhea? constipation? heartburn? 

How about headaches, backaches, or other chronic pain?

If you answered yes to any of these questions and are simply taking a tylenol or just ignoring the symptoms altogether you could be in for a rude awakening sooner than later.

Perhaps your Dr has gone through a workup, done the lab work and said not to worry you are just fine, or worse you are undergoing a treatment and you still aren't seeing improvement- it could be that you are missing the root cause. So you start a new diet and nothing changes...

What if diet alone isn't the answer? So many of my clients come to me stuck in a job they hate, a failing marriage, stressed about money issues or their child’s lack of interest in attending University or College. Stress can be a major contributor to our health issues. It can cause these warning signs to scream loud and clear when we don’t listen. Let me tell you a bit about my own personal story.

One of the most inspirational books I have read was Mind Over Medicine by Lissa Rankin MD, she was one of the major reasons I decided to leave my high paying job in the medical community to start my own practice. I was a single mom of two and had no idea how far my savings would take me. I had just bought a new house, a new car and bam I quit my job. All I knew was that there had to be something better out there and I needed to be whole again for my two little girls. I not only needed to make a difference, I needed them to look at me as their hero, but I also needed to put food on the table and fast. Look at me now, I survived, no I THRIVED! I now do what I love and see the look of awe in my daughters eyes when she says with pride, that her mommy makes people feel better, helps sick people get healthy again and she is The Wild Carrot. I succeeded, it wasn't easy and it took time. But I did it, and I am happier for it. Was I brave? No. I just knew that with my failing health something was going to give and I couldn't not be there for my girls. My energy is back, my vitality and zest for life. It was worth the risk.

So no matter what state you are in, perhaps you are simply not dealing with the new boss at work, he is overbearing and not at all understanding like the one he replaced. Perhaps the demands of life are just too much and you need to find a way to cope with the new curveball life has just thrown you (ie: divorce or separation). Maybe your spouse sucks, your kids are driving you nuts or hey maybe YOU suck and want to learn to like yourself again. Whatever it is, it’s o.k.  There is a way to get through it, get over it and get on with life! I promise.

We need to stop worrying about what others think and start to love ourselves again. The truth is we would rather sit there slowly getting sicker and sicker, dying a slow death emotionally which ultimately leads to a physical death. All just to avoid change, starting over, quitting job or leaving a toxic relationship. Let’s start listening and loving again shall we? 

It really is mind over medicine in many cases
Or perhaps mind as medicine? The power of thought is as powerful as the food we eat. If you haven't picked up a copy of this book yet you will want to.

Nick J

Personal Trainer

"After working for months with a client I finally realized that diet and exercise alone just weren't cutting it. I decided to send her to Holly and within a few weeks I could not only see a difference in her mental state but I was also getting her to achieve physical gains as a result."



"My personal trainer recommended I see Holly as I had hit a wall in my training. What I didn't realize was that I had also hit a wall in life. I was stressed and angry at the world, more importantly I was miserable and making my family miserable with me.  After working with Holly for a few weeks I started to feel better and notice physical changes too, not only that but after her program I was happier in my marriage than ever and now my husband and I both see Holly for the odd session here and there just to keep on top of it all, who knew it was about more than just nutrition."

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"Give people an environment where their health can flourish instead of being suppressed"

Empowerment Coaching

This program is designed for those looking for a health and wellness tweak. For those who are healthy to moderately healthy individuals who simply want to maximize their energy, improve mental clarity, attain emotional balance, gain some iron-man/woman strength with regards to their immune system, learn how to better manage stress and bring their overall level of health to rockstar status.



Momentum Coaching


This program is for those of you who need a more advanced health model. You have or suspect you may have some sort of underlying condition that your Dr. might have missed. You aren't satisfied with the answers you are getting, food isn’t sitting like it used to or your hormones have made you feel like you are bat-$h!t crazy…


Group Coaching

For those whose budget just won't allow the one on one coaching sessions but you know you need help in the nutrition department. This is for you my friend!


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