Take The Gut Check Quiz


Have you ever struggled with any type of candida, yeast or fungal issues?     Y or N

Do you have a very busy life? Y or N  

Do you have frequent diarrhea or loose stools?  Y or N

Are your bowel movements firm, well formed or soft on a regular basis? Y or N

Have you been diagnosed with autoimmune disease? Y or N

Do you have thyroid issues or sluggish metabolism Y or N

Do you get less than 7.5 hours of sleep most nights? Y or N

Do you have autoimmune disease? (arthritis, Hashimotos’s, MS, psoriasis etc) Y or N

Do you suffer from any type of pain including joint pain (especially neck pain) or headaches? Y or N

Do you struggle from seasonal allergies? Y or N

Do you get sick often (2+ times per year) or feel like you need an immune  system boost? Y or N

Do you struggle with depression, anxiety or lack of focus? Y or N

Do you have low energy or frequent fatigue? Y or N

Do you have multiple food sensitivities or food allergies (gluten, dairy) Y or N

Are you currently taking any medications or aspirin/ibuprofen? Y or N

Do you crave sweets or breads? Y or N

Do you have gas, bloating or other digestive issues once or more per week? Y or N

Are you stress levels moderate to high? Y or N

Do you have rosacea, eczema, rashes or acne? Y or N

Do you ever have more than one day without a bowel movement? Y or N?

Do you have IBS, ulcerative colitis, or crowns disease? Y or N


If you answered more than 4 of these questions with a yes then you may want to sit down and have a conversation about gut health. Check out the new GUT Repair and alkalizing Nutrition for Digestion program being launched this coming June. A whole new level of health, a new protocol coming straight from the leading experts across North America and brought straight to you. 


Learn how to combat:

Leaky gut (testing available for an additional fee)

Dysbiosis ( candida, parasites and other gut issues and overgrowth)

Low stomach acid (you may thing you have high stomach acid but the reality may be very different)


Irritable bowel

Digestive enzyme insufficiency

SIBO: small intestinal bacteria overgrowth

Inflammatory bowel disease – crown’s, colitis and diverticulosis.

Hormonal imbalances (testing at an additional fee)

Adrenal Fatigue (testing available)

**Additional option to have testing YOU want and learn to interpret your own results.

Take back control of your health.


Don’t put your health on hold for one more minute, find the root cause of your low energy, low libido, lack of sleep, hormone imbalances, weight gain (that muffin top doesn’t need to be there anymore!) and many other health issues.

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Hormone Quiz coming soon

Adrenal Fatigue Quiz (coming soon)

How Does Your Stress Rank? (quiz coming soon)