3 tricks for more energy and a slim waistline (no joke!)

3 tricks for more energy and a slim waistline (no joke!)

Spring is here and with it a new level of energy…but wait – how come I don’t have the same energy I usually have in the spring/summer? This was an exceptionally long winter for most and eating habits were likely not the best. Most of us tried to fill the seasonal drab with tasty teats and you guessed it, you created the worst kind of breading ground for poor gut health.

Your immune system comes from your gut, so it stands to reason that if you gut isn’t healthy neither are you – that means lack of energy. So if your health and vitality aren’t at their peak you want to boost it up with some superfoods. 

I can hear the groans already, I have no time, what crazy stuff do I have to eat now, oh great another supplement… relax, this is going to be effortless I promise.



How to eat Aloe Vera

How to eat Aloe Vera

ALOE VERA – yup the plant you use for sunburn…we’re going to eat it! The gel from the aloe vera plant is top notch at healing skin cells. You can scrape out the gel and put it in a smoothie or just eat it straight. As always fresh is best, that goes without saying. You want to make sure it’s the Chinese medicinal kind which is all green and not the burns variety which has a  reddish tinge on the tips. So how do we eat it? Check out this great instructional video

What does WebMD say about eating Aloe Vera?


CHIA SEEDS – These little guys are awesome for digestion and seem to be turning up everywhere. The trick is they need to be either ground up (for better absorption) or at the very least soaked. When soaked they form a high-viscosity mucilage and become gelatinous (that sounded gross but trust me they are great.) They happen to be a great source of fibre which is great for us gals since most women aren’t getting enough. These little seeds seek out and destroy (they break them down) pockets of toxic build up along the digestive tract. They also heal the skin cells along the tract, a perfect compliment to the Aloe Vera we just consumed.

Is chia safe? 


We all know we want good bacteria not bad bacteria in our gut. The problem is that the bad bacteria multiply at a much faster rate than the good ones do. We need to give them all the help we can and this means consuming healthy probiotics. Cultured foods and beverages are quick and easy. Kombucha, sauerkraut, kefir, kimchi and pretty much anything fermented really.

Simply taking a pill just isn’t good enough, you don’t know the quality or how much of it is actually just filler. I have always said that nothing beats the real thing. I still supplement with a high quality probiotic but I eat (and drink) loads of gut promoting probiotics as possible.



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