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Stop the cycle of trial and error, stop symptom chasing. We use step-by-step assessment procedures that allow us to identify underlying conditions. We have proven methods of testing for underlying issues that correlate with your health complaints. Using potent, proven, professional and drug-free protocols that help improve your health, not just treating your symptoms. “Treating the person and not the paper” Holly Warner, FDN-P

Holly Warner Health

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As a Board Certified Holistic Health Practitioner I get asked what dietary theory I subscribe too. People are always shocked when I say I don’t advocate one specific theory- I preach bio individuality. The same goes with treatment plans, what works for one may not work for another. As a part of my practice I offer functional diagnostic testing to get to the root cause and design a protocol that is right for YOU. These non-invasive tests will give you insight into what your GP might have missed. Don’t sit around feeling sick, schedule an appointment today.

What is a nutritional therapy practitioner?

Holly's Love & Light Mala by Malarae

Health is all about balance. Let your intuition empower you to make decisions that work best for you. Whatever you are doing, do it with love + light.  Grab yours today 

Picture Jasper: Boosts the immune system, aids in detoxification, stimulates circulation and increases energy.

Moonstone: Enhance the assimilation of nutrients and eliminate toxins.

Amazonite: Supports the thyroid and soothes the nervous system. Known  to heal the throat chakra.

For full details please check it out over at Malarae

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“Let food be thy medicine & let medicine be thy food”


Chicory Coconut Mocha

Not a fan of mocha? skip the chocolate and it turns into a regular coffee like beverage. This is one of those rainy day, warm you up kind of beverages. I love it as a coffee substitute especially when suffering adrenal issues, thyroid/hashimoto’s and of course I quite simply love the benefits of it. Where to find Brain Octane ... read more

Why Beetroot Latte’s Are All The Rage…

For those of you who are already hardcore juicers, you are likely already familiar with the amazing taste of beet juice. For those who aren’t, you may be kind of unsure but trust me, it’s amazing! Just the right amount of dirty sweetness and packed with performance boosting nutrients. So why not heat it up? I recently had a conversation with a friend in Australia who was talking about this new rage beverage- the beetroot latte. Since I love beetroot so much in the summer I decided I needed to know more…and of course duplicate it.  The health properties alone are way above the average corner coffee house latte and the colour, wow. It’s pink and as a girlie girl I love everything pink. But it’s not all about the pretty factor, let’s look at the nutrition: Rich in antioxidants, including betaine which helps protect our cells from stress. Since stress is something none of us can escape I would say this is a powerhouse of a latte. It also promotes the synthesis of creatine (body builders listen up!) which helps improve your muscle strength, growth and power. It also lowers the lactate within your muscles which helps to delay muscle fatigue so you get a performance boost. So it’s great for athletes, but what about non-athletes? Well it will give you a huge energy surge without the caffeine all the while helping your joints and liver health too. Ok so beet juice rocks now how about a recipe? Check out my soon to be famous beetroot latte Tip: Looking to boost your matcha latte? Add a little beetroot juice... read more

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